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Training sessions indicated below are only given as a rough guide.
The advantage of training sessions in your own home is that they are tailor-made to suit your own hardware and software.

Most training sessions are organised in two-hour modules.

IT for beginners

- How to use a keyboard and mouse.
- Manage your Windows environment.

Desktop applications

- How to use Word: typing, word-processing and printing.
- How to use Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Internet training

- How to use your Internet service provider's connection.
- Browse and search the Internet.
- Create and use your Internet Mail.

Digital camera

- Set up and configure your digital camera.
- Transfer, retouch and burn your photos on CD.


- Retouch an image - Use a scanner

IT training, Level 2 (Intermediate)

- Install and/or uninstall software.
- Compress a file and send it by email.
- Use a CD/DVD burner.